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Kellalit – Mind Control

This one will raise an eyebrow or two. With a dark, gritty and a somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere, the new release of San Francisco based electro artist Kellalit knows how to draw attention from start to finish.

This is definetly NOT your everyday happy rave tune, and I absolutely love this fact. This is not only a track that builds a full-blown cold-metallic atmosphere, it’s a statement. The track has edgy textures, yet it carries a decisive drive. This, guys, feels like the audible definition of an ‘iron will’, and it does so in classic ‘out of my way’-fashion. The sound rises above the ashes, making its way in the most determined fashion. I love the way the track tells a story from start to finish. What starts self-aware but almost ‘frightened’, evolves into this unstoppable relentless machine no one is able to control anymore. Being shy at first, its as if the tune itself becomes more and more self-confident, wearing its harsh and edgy textures with pride as it moves forward. Every nuance of percussive detail helps to build that metallic shimmer of the machine, every dropping beat puts tension and energy into the offworld-ish environment. Imagine this slow and methodic tune being the anthem of a main stage filled with an army of human-machine hybrid dancers. You gotta agree with me here – this is absolute goosebump material.

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