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Under the Gallows – Last Ride

This melancholic ballad taken off the album ‘Immutable’ brings back good old handmade rock to my playlist. Where sad guitar melodies meet a reflective backing and wise vocals, you’re in Under the Gallows territory.

Once again, you can expect a sound as truthful as it gets. No shenanigans, no extras, no shiny extraordinary sound processing. Thank god. Just the truth, packed in music done by a down-to-earth humble band. ‘Last Ride’ delivers a signature melancholy that ranges not only in the sadness sector, but there’s also this energetic vibe to find in there, making this track a decisive statement as well. This is exactly the kind of ‘let’s go’ vibe I am searching for when times get rough. For me, the sound is describing this pivotal moment where you decide something that will probably alter your life permanently. Instead of thinking over and over, you might as well just go for it. Even if all signs are red.

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