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Spiders Eat Vinyl – Cagliari Dreams

With a soft and dreamy base, the new release of Sheffield trio Spiders Eat Vinyl has a certain retro warmth from start to finish. The tune builds a relaxed atmosphere for the listener that feels like wise mans storytelling. The warm synths along piano tracks and a sophisticated, but not hectic bass line create a signature futuretro atmosphere. While the sound feels vintage at parts due to lo-fi and edgy mix concepts like the microphone recordings of the dreamy vocals, it gets almost psychedelic/hypnotic towards the end due to an unexpected sound processing. So the sound never rests but is constantly in slow and steady motion.

All technicalities aside though, this track feels so relaxed and trippy that it deserves to be placed in a new genre. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’d like to call ‘Spidertrip’. A lush, relaxed concept with soft tension happening in there. ‘Cagliari Dreams’ makes me float in this half-awaken dreamworld that comforts me with soft textures like a warm blanket on a chill summer night. This is a perfect tune to look up to the night sky and watch the stars up there for hours.

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