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Jacqueline Loor, Sunflower Summit – Carry Through

Okay guys, I need you to be in the right mood set for this tune. This isn’t something for the daily workout routine, nor the rush to work or anything that causes distraction, or the need to be elsewhere. ‘Carry Through’ is designed to make you stop and listen.

This track is done so crystalline and fragile that as a listener, you are afraid to break it when you breathe. And it’s this fragility that I love most about this tune of Jacqueline Loor and Sunflower Summit. With a very careful approach, the sound builds an atmosphere that’s filled with defensive backing melodies, playful bell-ish arpeggios that blend seamlessly with a piano main theme, and a very soft percussion to give the music tension without adding too much drive. The vocals are merely a whisper in time, so to speak, they are telling their story without the need of putting much energy into the track.

You gotta agree with me here, ‘Carry Through’ slows down time, it invites you to close your eyes, allowing you to be carried away on the wings of emotions while you travelling through this crystalline and vulnerable shimmer of sound.

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