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Flatfoot Sam – I Never Left

Guys, prepare to enter TripField territory. If you never have been here before, you’re lucky – because none other than Southampton based producer and DJ Flatfoot Sam will be your guide today.

This tune creates a very special atmosphere for the listener. The room is filled with a signature groove. What the artist describes as ‘Fusion between TripHop and Leftfield’ fills the air with a certain sophisticated style, it’s as if your surrounding has been illuminated by the relaxed mix of rhythm and playful electronic elements. The several synth patterns merge into a well-rounded scenery that feels both comfortable (like your favourite pair of sneakers) and full of melancholic wisdom (the type of melancholy you usually try to avoid, when you’re feeling down and sad, which kind of fits perfectly into the general moodset nowadays with the pandemic happening).

And it’s exactly this intriguing mix that makes ‘I Never Left’ so addictive. The whole sound feels familiar, as it was reading your mind like an open book. Using both groove and emotions in a song isn’t an easy task at all, especially not in the electro genre – but Flatfoot Sam makes it look like it was the easiest thing to do. And he’s doing so by simply bending the rules, by inventing a totally new subgenre. You gotta love this work ethic. Once you’re not comfortable within certain genre boundaries anymore, who said you cannot redefine them?

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