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Szou – Rose-Tinted

You gotta love the lightweight and somewhat quirky approach of the new release of Manchester based artist Szou. The synth intro brought up both my eyebrows, but once the vocals hit, it all makes sense all of a sudden. This unique blend of electro and oh-so-emotional vocals makes this track stand out. This track takes you by the hand and shows you a wonderful and colorful world when you got too tired to see it yourself. If you’re head is low, this tune will lift you up. The unusual melodic synths are done so playful that at parts they feel like bees flying around their hive. There is so much happening that it’s actually easy to miss something if you don’t pay attention. At the same time it’s hard to keep up since the track doesn’t stop for a second.

Okay, I admit that the backing might feel lightweight at parts, but overall, it’s exactly this intended energetic and jumpy vibe that makes this track so irresistible. In hard times like these, it’s songs like ‘Rose-Tinted’ that make me get up with a smile and just go with the rhythm of life. The positive approach is pictured by handmade and electro elements which are blended to a driving and uplifting theme. And all of this is connected to addictive vocals with that signature retro flavor. Actually, this tune calls for a new genre since the existing ones won’t fit. I’ll name it… Elecszou pop.

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Florian Maier

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