Dama Juda – young

The new release of Washington DC based musisican Dama Juda transmits its message in a very clear and undisturbed way. The slow and relaxed, at parts almost minimal backing feels strangely familiar, as if you returned to the house where you lived with your parents as a kid. You know the place, but in a way everything feels distant and strange.

And there it is, the secret ingredient of ‘young’ – it’s a signature styled vintage-vibed groove. It takes its time to have full effect on the listener. With seemingly minimal effect chains, the single elements change their state and form, floating in the atmosphere like fog that slowly rises in the early hours of the day. And then there are these addictive vocals. The melancholic base they are bound to gives them a very sophisticated and enchanting appearance. You can feel the heart and soul pouring out of the tune, as those convincing vocals open up like the blossom of a rose. With that silky undertone, the voice does send shivers down your spine, offering this relaxed wisdom like a blanket to keep your soul warm and cozy. Long story short: THIS is how its done, guys. Don’t rush it. Feel the authenticity.

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