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Etoile Marley – Catching Feelings

There is an intense melancholy filling the room when the first notes of this tune hit. The new release of Australian/French artist and songwriter Etoile Marley is a mix of genres and feelings that really gets addictive from the first seconds on.

There’s a unique ‘beaten down’ vibe present that gets you a heavy heart right away, mixed up with a certain kind of desperation…but then again there’s also sparks of positivity and hope to find in ‘Catching Feelings’. Being about lusting over your best friend, the sound captures the actual rollercoaster of emotions perfectly. The torn feel between ‘yes’ and ‘no’, haunting you in every other minute. The logical ‘can’t’ fighting the biological ‘want’.

The essence of this song is this slow, sparkling atmosphere that handles the topic with what I like to call a ‘forbidden fruit’ undertone. Backed by a lush and sexy rhythm section, the sensual vocal duo has full effect in what they do. Heck, they could read the daily newspaper and still transmit this soulful erotic vibe no one can escape. And in the end, this is what makes the tune so irresistible: it can be felt with the same intensity as it can be heard.

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