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Quick Shots #40: The Sweet Kill

/ After ‘Letters to a Vampire’ which was released back in October 2020, what’s next? Any projects coming up?
/ Pete Mills, The Sweet Kill:
I am so immersed in the flow state/creative process at this time. I feel super inspired and introspective. I’m an extravert at heart but I’m not motivated to do the 4 way split screen performance type thing artists are doing these days. So I’m diving deep into the cellar of my soul to push myself beyond the ether of the unknown and un-mined areas of song writing. The next body of work I feel is my darkest yet and am super excited to share with you and all the fans in 2021.

/ Describe your songwriting process. Is there a pattern when it comes to creating new tunes?
/ Pete Mills, The Sweet Kill:
I wake up and write 3 pages of stream of consciousness to de-mystify the songwriting process then read a spiritual book and mediate. I slug back some coffee and read Russian literature listing to classical music cranked real loud. Then I check on my new “Dark & Gothic 2021” spotify playlist and make sure it reads well on shuffle as well as start to finish. This process gets me super stoked to go down to the studio and start cooking up some heavy dark music vibes and see if any lyrics/themes fit. Or I write on my typewriter and then see if any melodies and music fit the words. This discipline provides a foundation for a patternless process.

/ How did you spend last New Year’s Eve?
/ Pete Mills, The Sweet Kill:
New Years eve was super chill watching film noir by the fire!

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