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Ullie Swan – Alzheimer

Taken off the album ‘6%’, this track of French singer/songwriter Ullie Swan really goes under the skin with both the message and the emotional impact on the listener. With a crystalline and fragile approach, the vocals feel lost and exhausted, in desperate need to be heard and, even more, understood. There’s an unreal amount of emotion woven into this track, in form of these exceptional vocals, but also through these synths building an icy room that makes thoughts disappear in the void the same way as the condition the track is about.

I guess what draws me most to this tune is that the whole track is like a musical definition of Alzheimer’s disease. Listening to the track is like looking up the condition on Wikipedia. The sounds that fade to black, the helplessness pictured by the authentic vocals, the lyrics, the visuals – every aspect of this tune reflects the topic perfectly. Once you manage to put this much emotion and passion into your music, I’m an instant fan.

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