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End of Code – The Fall – Edit

This sound lurks in the shadows. With a methodical approach, the sound feels like a ninja waiting for the moment when nobody expects him to strike. You gotta love the dark pulsating core of the new release of Nicolas Saad and Shawn Pereira, better known as the duo End of Code. The track does its thing like an ice-cold machine, but with a huge amount of tension added. The saturated synth base builds an extrardinary sound room that is loaded with a groove that makes you move, but at the same time there’s this signature dark vibe present that makes you hold your breath because it feels like the tune was watching you.

And this, folks, is what I love most about ‘The Fall’ – its the way it creates a soundscape not only to listen to, but to feel it permeating your mind layers at the same time. With a well-rounded mix and some percussive and melodic extra layers, the tune slows down time as it gets this almost hypnotic undertone. This is electro at its best.

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