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Soft Shelter – Time (Pressure)

With a very lush and relaxed alt rock appeal, this tune spreads some wisdom in style. The new release of the American artist known as Soft Shelter fills the room with a handmade melancholic atmosphere. While the guitar tracks spread heavy-hearted vibes out, it’s the vocals that give the track a unique and sophisticated aura. Done with a borderline psychedelic texture in terms of processing and performance, the vocals feel like these voices in your head that try to guide you through the everyday chaos. Backed by the retro-flavored synth melodies, the voice blends into the created dreamy scenario seamlessly.

Overall, this track feels like the perfect addition to your day after. Containing this vintage relaxed vibe, ‘Time (Pressure)’ is not overly energetic or hectic, it just tells like it is. And it does so with a signature groove that cannot be faked.

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