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Polychuck – Here I Come

The track feels like it was on a hunt. Wild jaguar in the jungle-type of hunting. Moving in the shadows with an almst friendly peaceful approach, but with a muscle tension that can and will bring you down. (After seeing a couple of his IG videos, I think this reflects the playing style of the artist as well.)

The new release of Canadian multitalent Polychuck has a unique blend of electro and handmade components along a extraordinary groove. The beat and the backing elements merge together seamlessly, although they are not necessarily meant for each other. But the mentioned shadow-lurking vibe is what glues those together. With vocals that are done distinct and clear, the tension is rising with several passages that feel almost threatening. But all of a sudden, the track keeps its cool. If you give the other works of Polychuck a listen, you’ll notice that he has a unique way of delivering, which I like to call ‘not-today-style’. There’s a ton more energy present at all times, but he doesn’t just blast you away with it. The backing feels saturated and well-rounded, while the vocals are done emotional but not desperate or loaded with aggression. And this is what makes ‘Here I Come’ stand out before other tunes in its genre-defying way.

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