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Sarpa Salpa – Another Life

Sarpa Salpa’s back, and they brought an irresistible electro disco groove with them. If this tune won’t get you movin’, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. The relaxed but driving beat along the exciting picked guitar and synth melodies fill the room with a uplifting drive that just feels right from whatever angle you look at it. The track consists of a perfect mix of electro, disco, and pop elements to give the music sort of a ‘royal halo’.

We all had a rough time recently, so the new release of the British formation brings some desperately needed emotional yet groovy anthem into the mostly dark days right now. Although the song is about a love that might not be mirrored, with all the warning signs being ignored, this tune still triggers a certain uplifting vibe for me. It’s like the tune wants to transmit that as serious as this might be, in the end the sun will shine again, one way or another. (There’s always another life after this one, right.) And in the meantime, you might as well just dance all those negative facts away.

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