Joshua Worden – Alright

Whenever you encounter a situation that will hit you unexpectedly – this tune is for you. Especially during these difficult times, I love it when tracks like the new release of Joshua Worden manage to relax you for a moment. Feel that? As soon as the first notes hit, the tune serves as a soft blanket for the mind. With a relaxed minimal groove, a lush bass line and a defensive soundroom, ‘Alright’ has a unique way of spread its message in the most calm way I heard in a long time.

The vocals fit perfectly in this scenario. You just can feel that this tune tells a story out of Worden’s book of life. With minimal atmospheric elements and these tiny defensive guitar licks, the track shows you how to do it the right way. Music like this should be the first thing to play in the morning right after you get up. (Boy, we would have peace on earth in an instant.) This is a groovy reminder of how to relax, how to keep your cool and chill even when you hit a rough patch. Life’s not all about what makes your blood pressure levels rise.

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