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Quick Shots #36: James Beer

/ 2021 started with the release of your track ‘Vespers’. Tell us a bit about that track.
/ James Beer:
I wrote “Vespers” last summer during quarantine. I had been shut up in my Brooklyn apartment and was desperate for some open space, nature and fresh air. I had just booked a flight to visit home in Colorado and my head was filled with childhood memories romping around the Rocky Mountains. Upon arriving guitar in-hand, I set to recording. I’ve always self-produced my own music and love that part of the process. I finished the song in a few weeks and commissioned the album art which depicts one of Colorado’s many “fourteeners” (peaks over 14,000ft). Things came full circle and a few weeks later, I found myself at the top of that very mountain with this song playing in my head. I waited on the release and as the new year approached, the song’s message of change, freedom and exploration seemed the perfect way to kick off 2021.

/ What are your plans for this year? Any projects coming up?
/ James Beer:
Yes! There is much in the works. “Vespers” is the first single from my upcoming album which is nearing completion. I’m aiming for a mid-summer release. That said, I’ll have a few more singles in the coming months before the LP drops. Additionally, I’ll be relocating from NYC to LA. After 10 years on the east coast, I’m ready to head back west…

/ During your songwriting process, what’s your greatest obstacle when creating new tunes?
/ James Beer:
It sounds funny, but I think I’m not alone in this, that often my biggest obstacle is myself. From perfectionism, to endless tinkering, to general self-doubt, it all inhibits my ability to get in a good flow and write freely. With this new album, I’ve been actively fighting these impulses and really reveling in the process. Writing songs in this spirit has been very liberating and I’m finding new ideas, inspiration and joy in my creative endeavors.

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