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Monica Lyrae – A Long Farewell

This track delivers the feel of life, death and rebirth. You’ll find everything in there, from darkness to light, from vulnerabiity to distinct energy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘A Long Farewell’.

The new release of Monica Lyrae really builds an epic atmosphere. With majestic strings, plucked dark melodie, piano backing and mysterious reverbed percussive one-shots as a base, the vocals instantly are shining like a diamond, having a certain wisdom attached. While the singer switches seamlessly between emotionally vulnerable to positive and upright, the song changes its form and texture as well. While some might say the song feels a bit indecisive, I think the two main vibes of the song complete themselves in an outstanding way. The defensive parts are picked up by the strong parts, while the carefully fragile parts prevent the energetic parts to release too much energy. (This is what they call a ‘masterful orchestration’, guys.) All in all, the song is defining its own boundaries in regards to the main theme it stands for. It’s rare that a song tells its story in both soft and distinct ways, and this tune lives through not one but several lifespans.

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