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Qwiet Type – Colors In My Dreams

He’s back. And he brought an intriguing mix of disco, pop, soul and glitter. The new sound of genre-blending magician Matt Powell, better known as Qwiet Type, once again highlights the fact that with any other release of him, you really won’t know what you’ll get until you hear it. There’s no red line to follow through his tunes, and I really love this concept. The further you follow him down this awesome rabbit hole, the more you won’t know what’s waiting for you. It’s like he just waits for the next idea, and as soon as it’s flying by, he grabs onto it no matter how different it might be.

This time, there’s a futuretro-flavored blend on the menu. With a saturated bass line and some piano chord glitter, the track has that distinct ‘driving at home in the middle of the night’ flair for me. The vocals are done melodic and sensitive, hitting the sweet spot of energetic output to reward the track with a signature dreamy’n’creamy texture. Rounded with a balanced mix, this intriguing groove and a catchy chorus line, ‘Colors In My Dreams’ is the next mystery track in the line of unexpected Qwiet Type tunes.

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Florian Maier

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