Emina Sonnad – Aperol

I love the fact that the tune has this special positive twist attached. Dealing with being unapologetically to yourself even when your world is falling apart, the tune shows me that nothing is so bad as it seems after all. There’s something woven into the tune I can only describe as ‘advisory vibe’. With the relaxed and almost playful piano setting in a groovy slow environment, the track feels like a friend who went through all of this just to give you a friendly advice at the end of the road.

The strong suit of ‘Aperol’ is the balanced and honest way it is looking at the way things are. Backed by this relaxed and at times almost quirky concept, the vocals deliver with this special ‘yeah, that’s me. So what? It’s okay the way it is!’ undertone. I love this confidence woven into the track. And while this is a very emotional theme, it doesn’t ever get accusing, desperate or bitter. It delivers with a smile and a wink.

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