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Carolan Deacon – Devil in Me

There’s a certain wisdom hidden in this tune of singer/songwriter Carolan Deacon. With lightweight yet meaningful vocals and a defensive backing, the tune feels emotional and relaxed, but with a special kind of tension that indicates that you’ve heard nothing yet.

The minimal groove along those basic backing melodies puts the spotlight on the vocals. And these vocals have a unique impact on the listener, they feel both tamed and untamed at the same time, delivering the message in a teaching but not didactic way. It’s like wisdom blended with certainity. This distinct approach is what makes ‘Devil in Me’ so effective in my opinon. We’re talking a track here that doesn’t play a role. This is real, and it originates from the soul. And soul, guys, doesn’t need a shiny pop tune loaded with a million tracks just to sound good on any cheap cellphone earbuds. It needs an artist who means what he/she is telling. Listen closely. Hear that? That’s pure honesty in this track.

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Florian Maier

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