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Penny Mob – Revolution

Today, yours truly joined the Mob.
Today is one of these days where everything feels too much. One of the days where you want to stand up, take something big and smash someone in the face with it. What’s the reason, you ask? Well, sometimes a revolution is long overdue without a special reason – because there are already so many reasons out there. Just pick one.

What I love about ‘Revolution’ which was released back in November is this incredible amount of energy and honesty woven into the tune. The song is simple and straightforward, it contains tension, pressure and a ton of what I like to call ‘evil grin aggression’. Everything in the track, from driving rhythm to strummed guitar patterns to processed vocals, practically rips you out of your seat, throwing the truth in your face, daring you to do something with it. Anything. You cannot stage or fake the mindset that is reflected here. This is a statement from the heart. An aggressive one, I give you that. But there are times when soft words won’t do the trick anymore.

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