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Counting Chances – Floating Untethered

You gotta love the glassy and pristine approach of this track. With a very minimal setting, the track feels like this fresh breeze when you open your window in the early morning and its freezing cold outside. While the temperature drops, there’s something fresh and vitalising entering. With ‘Floating Untethered’ its no different.

The defensive and warm synth melodies in addition with the rhythm set build a certain ‘clean canvas’ that is brought to life by these crystalline and lightweight dreamy vocals. The tune feels like thoughts wandering in your mind, but through the melodies and the rhythm these thoughts aren’t just randomly rushing but passing by very calm and methodical. With a warm and emotional undertone, the vocals are like thoughts you always knew were there, but never gave enough attention until now. The clean and lightweight concept of the song gives the tune a certain majestic glow while you can get lost into the endless synth surrounding, fading with the icy vocals.

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Florian Maier

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