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The Catacombs – The Gambler

This. Lights, vibe, action. This tune both feels laid back and pressurized. With a lush rhythmic groove, the new release of the Catacombs knows how to put being cool on the map.

With a good old rock setting and a slight processed vocal section, the track posesses a special kind of vintage flavor which is highlighted by the guitar melodies and this methodical laid back drum groove. Seriously, if life needs a soundtrack, this would be my starter for the morning. This tune injects a cool groove with a special kind of seen-it-all undertone. For all of us being hooked on something that we cannot stop, the tune won’t tell anything new. This tune makes you see the world with the eyes of the gambler. It might not be a glourious shiny world filled with joy. But once life shaped you with some hard lessons, maybe being the gambler isn’t the worst that can happen to you.

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