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Jenny Kern – Coming Back For Me

The atmosphere in the new release of Jenny Kern feels futuristic, dark and melancholic, all packed into a great blend of melodic slow groove. With an intriguing set of synths, handmade elements and a methodical relaxed rhythm, ‘Coming Back For Me’ knows how to create a scenery that has a unique flavor. With this melancho-groove, the vocals do feel really at home there. With reverbed extras, the song feels at parts like it was fading to black, getting lost in between thoughts and emotions that are flooding your mind while you trying to figure out if its okay to be alone or not.

To sum it up, this track really is the definition of ‘well-rounded’. The scenery caresses the vocals and vice-versa, and with a really well balanced mix of the single elements, the message isn’t carried with the greatest amount of energy which would hurt the overall feel of the tune anyway. Done in this certain (let’s call it) ‘beaten-down’ way, the song really feels authentic and relatable. You’ll find yourself slowly moving to the music like branches of an old tree in the wind while having the tune trigger emotions at the same time.

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