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Luminem – Back Home

This tune caresses your soul like silk. With a carefully arranged melodic concept, the debut release of Australian artist Luminem manages to slow down time. The soft piano melodies are done emotional yet calm, intense yet defensive. You gotta love the duality happening in there.

This tune gives you room to breathe. Not the mechanical breathing type, but moreso it allows your soul to relax, to step back and just watch time passing by like doves in the sky. ‘Back Home’ feels like a walk in a peaceful and calm area. Alone with your thoughts, you’re presented this positive atmosphere that feels both free and determined to show you that you can evolve into more than what you are. And that’s what impresses me the most with this tune, it’s the ability to make you not only feel this special vibe in there, but actually to built that incredible safe environment around you, where you’re allowed to think and feel whatever you want.

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