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Russell Patterson – First Lie

This tune isn’t made for every occasion. Once again, singer/songwriter Russell Patterson transmits a huge amount of honesty and emotion, making the tune a very sensitive and serious one. Released back in 2020, ‘First Lie’ contains a signature melancholy perfectly built by the soft yet distinct backing, which paves the way for the vocals as steady and calm as a harvester. The single instruments feel warm and expressive, with a certain retro shimmer added, while the vocals are done relatable with a perfect balance of emotion, passion and a certain vulnerable vibe.

There are songs out there that don’t need to get loud to hit you like a hammer, and this tune definitely is one of them. What makes the track so effective is that the impact doesn’t come from the volume but from the message and the emotional pitch. This track aims for the soul.

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Florian Maier

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