Saint Nick – Setting Fires

There’s something very honest attached to this track. It’s a certain kind of straightforward sassiness, there’s a certain vibe involved with a special ‘enough is enough’ flavor.

It’s kinda hard to put my finger on what makes this track intriguing for me, but I guess it’s just the pristine and nonchalant way the track says what it has to say. It only takes 1:45 for the track to do its thing. In its unfiltered way, ‘Setting Fires’ feels authentic, and with that positive and lightweight groovy base theme, it delivers kinda explicit but with an evil grin. I cannot really say that I care for political correctness in music, and if I did, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this track. What I DO care about in music though is if I can believe that the intention and message comes from the heart and soul of the artist. And you gotta agree with me on this, this tune feels as honest as it gets.

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