Camille Miller – Nobody’s Listening

With an awesome amount of groove and unexpected energy, the new release of Canadian artist Camille Miller makes a statement, both music- and lyrics-wise.

Listen to this lush groove. An intriguing mixture of electro and handmade elements create a mysterious atmosphere that blends stylistic elements from both the past and the future. While the warm bass and the rhythm section bring structure and drive to the table, it’s those irresistible vocals that give the whole track its peculiar shimmer. With an unmatched mixture of widsom, sassiness, drive and passion, those vocals feel extremely confident, and in the end, it’s probably this confidence that attracts me most in ‘Nobody’s Listening’. This track reflects a certain enough-is-enough vibe, and completed with all those extras, from wah-wah guitar tracks to harmonized vocals and an extremely well-rounded mix, this track stands out on your daily playlist with a certain majestic glow.

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Florian Maier

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