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Julian Petrin – Embrace

This beauty transmits one thing big time: calm and steady safety. First released back in 2003, the re-recorded tune of german composer Julian Petrin is a timeless piece of art. With a very relaxed and warm approach, ‘Embrace’ does its thing by not forcing anything. The chilled and sophisticated base setting feels very structured, but not linear and certainly not boring. There are several synth textures added as the tune progresses. What starts mysterious and playful with a linear beat, evolves into a scenery enriched with elements that are just waiting to be explored by your ears.

Overall, this tune paints a picture for the listener. Try it. Lean back, relax, close your eyes, and see for yourself. It feels like a flyby over a huge futuristic city at night. Or water flowing from a river in the ocean. Or the maturing process of space, as you watch sun eruptions. What makes this tune so effective for me is the fact that its versatile nature can be whatever you want or need it to be. I love that you can get lost in these melodic textures while listening.

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