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Quick Shots #32: Walking On Mountains

/ With 2020 gone, what are the plans for 2021??
/ Andy, Walking On Mountains:
With 2021 looking pretty up in the air on the live front, we’ve been focusing on new music that we’ve been working on in bedrooms across South Yorkshire in 2020. Way back at the start of 2020, we launched our EP Vol. 1 with a gig we played over in Doncaster at a packed out Leopard (who’d have thought it would have been our last gig of the year in February!). We’d love to do something similar at the back end of the summer for our next EP if possible, so we’ll be working on the music and hoping for live shows in the second half of the year.

/ How does a typical Walking On Mountains session look like during the pandemic? Do you guys do online sessions or something?
/ Andy, Walking On Mountains:
Throughout the pandemic we’ve been able to work online, having writing sessions using the latest cutting edge software. Ok, it was Skype! We’ve all got the ability to record at our own places, so we’ve managed to bounce ideas around and put together demos. We’ve got about 5 tracks at demo stage right now and so we’re pretty excited to see how they develop and get the final versions recorded in the new year. The new stuff is a natural progression from our first EP and we think it’s our best music yet.

/ What was the best venue you played live so far, and what made it so special?
/ Andy, Walking On Mountains:
Our EP launch gig this year was a good one, but I think a gig we did at the end of the summer of 2019 (no Bryan Adams intended) takes the top spot. We supported our friends Lupa at Club 85 in Hitchen for their single launch as part of a summer tour we did that year. The whole thing was a blast really. It was a proper road trip with us all jumping in a van with our kit and going down to Hertfordshire. The venue was really awesome and the crew there were absolutely sound; they were so helpful and made us look and sound amazing. We performed really well that night and had a great time. We were all so hyped that we even enjoyed the ride home, getting back to South Yorkshire in the small hours. 10/10, would play again.

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