Jumpel – Forest Section

Taken off the 2020 released album ‘Drive’, this track of German electro-ambient downtempo musician Jumpel creates an awesome atmosphere with the use of synthscape instrument tracks. While listening to this track, you should close your eyes, letting the sound create the surrounding for you. While there are ethereal sounds present, building the wide and almost endless base scenario, it’s all the small things happening in ‘Forest Section’ that are completing the picture.

Like raindrops or morning dew, there are little effects happening that not only feel fresh and mysterious, they describe certain elements of nature. Wind, water, fog, little drops, movement of leaves on trees and bushes, even the temperature is described by the ambient sound of this tune. Within five minutes, you are taken on a journey through nature. I love it when music is used to paint a picture for the listener. This is not the average radio pop tune. This sound is a storyteller.

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