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Convey – Fool

This track is lurking in the shadows, right before it smashes you with its energy and drive. The new release of altrock band Convey hit just before 2020 ended, and it serves as kind of a supercharge for the new year. There’s a driving drum set pattern that pushes the guitars, while the emotional vocals do their thing on top of that backing. You gotta love the raw and edgy energy that’s transmitted. The base atmosphere of ‘Fool’ always feels driven and somewhat chased, and that is the special ingredient of this tune in my opinion. The track rips you out of your chair, all of a sudden you feel chased by the driving melodies and the expressive vocals which can switch seamlessly between desperate, ecstatic, haunting and defensive.

The tune has about the same effect as police sirens, although it sounds way better. Once the track picks up speed and energy, it makes the listener switch to full alert mode, and I love it. Some tracks have a problem in catching the attention of the audience, but this one won’t take prisoners when it comes to releasing drive and tension. ‘Fool’ isn’t for the weak-hearted.

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