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Quick Shots #31: Neo Noir

/ How are you holding up with all those restrictions going on out there?
/ Neo Noir:
We’re both holding up ok. Naturally, we’re studio rats who love being inside and creating. Usually we’re collaborating with other songwriters, artists, and working towards other projects or “job opportunities,” but we’ve been grateful during this to be able to slow down, and dig inside to discover our artistic sound and voice, and work on our craft. It’s been tough on many levels, as it has been for many people.  The immediate future is unknown, and that can be very stressful, so we practice mindfulness and make the most out of whats right in front of us.

/ What was the most expensive piece of equipment you ever bought?
/ Neo Noir:
Well, neither of us have a singular piece of gear, like a fairchild compressor, that would take the cake. The conglomerate of everything – between the computers, software, preamps, interfaces, instruments etc…it all def adds up! Both of us (separately and together) have been practicing a lot of guitar, so there have been some nice purchases in that department.

/ What does 2021 hold for you guys? Any projects coming up?
/ Neo Noir:
For this year, we’re focusing on writing/releasing music, and helping others do the same where possible. The world is crazy right now, and for us personally we want to exercise our creative voices and make art and music that’s representative of us and our beliefs. Hopefully through that, and by helping others do the same (through teaching, mentorship, and volunteering) we can add some good here and there.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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