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Gili Kimchi – Plans

The new release of multitalent Gili Kimchi impresses with a signature vintage synth approach. For some reason (maybe it’s because I grew up to that kind of sound?), you gotta love this oddworld-ish atmosphere that is created with these retro kind of synth tracks. Using filters and a unique pattern style, ‘Plans’ feels exotic because it creates a very captivating scenery in which the listener is served a playful groove. The melodic progression feels a bit melancholic, while the percussive elements do add some energy and drive.

For me, this track feels like it fell out of time. Having this special retro-ish aura, the tune reminds me a bit of a little creek in which the water finds its way, no matter what obstacles there are. Driven, determined, but playful and soft as well. Having direction and a goal, aiming for what we cannot see yet. I guess it’s best to lean back and enjoy the relaxing ride.

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Florian Maier

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