Baba Shrimps – Galileo

With their last release for 2020, the guys of Baba Shrimps once again created a very emotional tune. The soft and honest vocals are done with a certain positive melancholy, while the soft backing creates this special ‘safe environment’. Where soft piano melodies meet synthscape structures and a defensive yet unique rhythm set, the vocals do feel really at home and comfortable. The whole sound room gets a certain ‘shimmer’, it feels like watching the stars at night – which is a perfect base scenario for the track’s message. Also worth mentioning is the flawless well-rounded mix of the tune which makes me bow my head in silence. (THIS is how it’s done, guys.)

What makes ‘Galileo’ so special though is not the technique but its ability to paint a picture with its sound. With very fine nuances, the song tells the story on a highly emotional level, leaving room for imagination and interpretation, not setting up rules but rather guiding you gently. I love when a song leaves it up to you what to make of its message.

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