Close-up: ANDREWBATES – My Love.

(written by Andrew Bates)

“‘My Love.’ was inspired by Spanish TV series ‘Elite’, which was one of the many shows I started watching during quarantine. Within the show, there were two gay characters who’s stories particularly resonated with me, one of which is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality with the pressures of a heavily religious family. The lyrics of My Love are essentially a letter to him, letting him know that he isn’t being judged and that he is loved – ‘They think we could always choose, they don’t get you like I do, if they don’t understand they’re a fool’ (lyrics from the second verse). All the lyrics were written the same day I finished the last episode of ‘Elite’.

Although the lyrical focus is quite serious/emotional, I wanted to make sure listeners could dance to it. I was also missing going to out to pubs and clubs during quarantine so I couldn’t bring my self to make a slow song! I created the drum tracks and bass lines so I could start improvising vocal melodies on top. I knew I wanted to make this track quite different from the rest of my songs so I looked into using different sounds and production techniques. I ended up making the main focus of the track a pulsating house piano mixed with heavy sampling and chopping of my own voice. I think these sounds mixed together is what makes the track stand out from my past releases. Most of the song ended up coming together within a week and then I spent the next couple weeks mixing and mastering.”

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