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Sofia Portanet – I Trust

You gotta love the vintage flavor that is connected to the new release of german singer/songwriter Sofia Portanet. The warm synths and the retro styled rhythm create an intriguing atmosphere for the vocals to exist in. There’s a certain sparkling component to find in ‘I Trust’ which makes the track glow like one of these night fishing baits.

And to top all of this, there are those vocals. Playful yet confident, they do their thing with adding some sassiness where needed. Overall the track keeps an exciting balance between melancholy and poppy playfulness, between retro and future. And its this balance that adds a really addictive vibe. This track (which is a derivate of the original song ‘Menschen und Mächte’) brings the ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ spirit back to the table. Along the grooving energy that is transmitted, the tune has an awesome signature style, making it stand out of the mass for me.

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