Close-up: Martin Leary – All In Good Time

(written by Martin Leary)

“First track is the title of the EP, All In Good Time. A fairly simple track which has a kind of 90s vibe to it. I was just reflecting on life wondering where the hell the time went and what can change going forward. Gregor McPhie (Producer) done an amazing job with the production and especially the strings on this one. There’s also an acoustic/strings version that’s additionally the last track of the 5 on the EP!

‘Sleeps Alone’ tells a story of the modern social media world we live in. In this case, it’s how people can appear to be happy and perhaps even famous in the world they’ve painted however this just masks loneliness and a desperation or addiction to be approved (likes etc). You need to watch the music video for it….  

Martin Leary – Sleeps Alone

It’s quiet out there, bit psychedelic with a strange chorus and a Beatles feel to it with the drum fills and ‘I am the walrus’ kind of style. This one tends to grow on people.

‘Find the Light’ is more rock n roll. It’s an overhaul of a song I used to play years ago. Not much of it survived but I liked the original and this one’s miles better so I’m happy with it. Look forward to playing it live!

‘I Often Wonder’ as the title suggests is a song reflecting on a what if relationship. This song is a few of them rolled into one… no one in particular! Oasis influence heavy in this one with classic guitar licks.”

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