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Quick Shots #26: Freda Felcher

/ After releasing ‘Defeats’ back in March, what are your music projects at the moment? What’s next?
/ Leif, Freda Felcher:
Freda Felcher is currently back in the writing studio to compose and begin assembling our next round of work. Winter in the mountains of Wyoming is such a great time to snuggle up and let the music flow so that’s our number one priority over the next few months…let the magic emerge from wherever it comes.

/ How has the whole Covid situation affected your life as musicians?
/ Leif, Freda Felcher:
Sadly COVID has realllllllllly thrown a wrench into our 2020 plans…it was shaping up to be a big spring and summer of performing our new releases live at some great festivals like Treefort with our 8-person live ensemble, but what can you do!? We’re turning our focus to 2021 and hoping for the best. There is plentiful time to work on personal development of our musicianship and conceive the next EP so we must be grateful for that opportunity.

/ How do you guys celebrate christmas?
/ Leif, Freda Felcher:
Ethnically Jewish here so Christmas doesn’t mean that much to me haha. That said it’s a great time to cook my face off which is my number one passion besides music….anyone need cookies and cakes and sourdough bread?

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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