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March Twenty-One – And There We Go

Can you hear that? This unreal high amount of wisdom and honesty? The new release of March Twenty-One offers a very mature and sophisticated sound.

With a very slow and warm setting, ‘And There We Go’ builds a comfortable scenario in which the listener can really focus on the feeling and message of the sound. And boy, this tune can be felt big time. The warm guitars along the shimmering synths build the foundation, the slow and relaxed drumset defines the boundaries (and, by the way, is sitting perfectly in the mix!), and everything is completed by the vocals. These are are offering their story with an authentic and passionate undertone attached, but even when putting more energy and higher notes in, the vocals never get too dominant in there. In this undisturbed environment, the listener can just sit like on a mountain top, enjoying the view. Telling the story of feeling a connection, taking a risk on a chance meeting and steering life in a completely different direction, this tune lets you catch your breath and probably allows you to see things differently afterwards.

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