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Quick Shots #25: Travel With The Sun

/ How are you holding up during these crazy times with all the Covid restrictions?
/ Oskar, Travel With The Sun:
We´re doing just fine! In Sweden the restrictions are kind of easy going! So we have been able to live our lives with just basic restrictions to not go out on pubs, stores and cultural arrangements et cetera. So the time being a band is not as fun like we want it to be. But we have managed to find a way to cope with the situation and respect the situation.

/ Covid aside, what’s your all-time favourite go-to place for grabbing something to eat?
/ Oskar, Travel With The Sun:
An easy answer for me is the Italian Restaurant “Adria” here in Stockholm where I live.
But without having checked with the rest of the band it’s always fun to go home with the whole band to the brothers (the singer Anton and bass player Kasper) childhood home and have a nice barbeque evening with their dad behind the grill. Always fun and always something to remember.

/ It’s gotten a bit quiet around you…any projects coming up soon?
/ Oskar, Travel With The Sun:
Next in line we´re going to release a music video for the song “Psycho” in the near future and a month ago we headed back to the rehearsal space to see if we could come up with any new music. So hopefully we won’t be as quiet in the near future.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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