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Atroxity – Age Of The Free

Taken off the album ‘Outdated & Unpatched’, this tune feels playful, mysterious and a bit like you just entered a play that shows your own life. Standing there on the stage with the spotlights on, you’re dancing along the tune with a smile on your face…or is everybody dancing except you? You’ll find yourself entertained, puzzled, amused and perplexed at the same time. Awesome, isn’t it?

I love the playful concept of the song. With a somewhat quirky backing and a edgy beat, the tune delivers its message in a very clear and distinct way, and those vocals are done in this signature lightweight and carefree manner. While the catchy chorus is sticking to you immediately, it’s the message of the song that goes deeper than the electro groove of ‘Age Of The Free’.
Yes, it’s not the most well-rounded track I ever heard, speaking of possible backing tracks. Yes, there is this ‘angular vibe’ happening in the tune, but that’s what makes the tune so interesting in my opinion. It’s not here to please you – it’s here to do its thing. If you are going to sing and dance along is up to you.

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