Quick Shots #24: Wes Chiller

/ What does the rest of the year hold for you? Any projects coming up?
/ Wes Chiller:
I have a new 4 song EP coming out on 2/5/2021 called Buffalo John & The Rainbow Crew.  It’s about the experience I had helping fight the Santa Cruz Complex Fire with our strike team deployment. It’s dedicated to the three young men of the Boulder Creek Volunteer Fire Department who were the first firefighters to engage in the fight in their town of Boulder Creek which sustained extreme damage and devastation.

/ How did the Content remix of ‘Smokey Lavender’ happen?
/ Wes Chiller:
Jaiq Styne (Content) is a very good friend of mine, we met our first day at UCLA where we were both Ethnomusicology majors back in 2010. We worked together on another album I did with a different band and I thought he would bring strong production value to the song. I sent it to him, told him I wanted a vicey, 80’s feel with a modern arrangement and let him get to work. A couple weeks later he sent me his masterpiece and I was beyond happy with it.

/ How will you celebrate christmas this year?
/ Wes Chiller:
This year I will be celebrating Christmas at my fire station. We can’t have family at the station this year so it’ll be a little different, but we will make do and cook something good for dinner.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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