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Wallners – Ships

There’s something special attached to the new release of Vienna based band Wallners. I’d like to call it ‘vintage melancholy’.

The track creates a wholesome scenery with a soft and carefully arranged rhythm section and a synth and piano backing that feels silky and soft like a pillow. Here, the listener is allowed to…well, just to float in. With the guitar extra tracks happening, this tune holds on to this vintage moody vibe while the vocals are blending in perfectly with their ability to spread mystifying sparkles and a signature captivating loneliness.

I love the calm way of ‘Ships’. The tune is a relaxed piece that has this authentic ‘take it or leave it’ vibe engraved in its DNA. The track simply wasn’t made to sell you something. With the several instrument extras in reverbed atmosphere, the track paints a scenery wrapped in black silk. This is not just something to listen to. This, guys, is something to feel and to blend into.

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Florian Maier

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