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Jacob’s Fall – Escape The Gravity

This melancholic alt rock tune feels like a trip to your own mind. There’s something about this modified version of the tune (the original track can be found in the album ‘The War We Miss?’ ) that really connects with me. The emotional guitars along the slow methodical rhythm create an atmosphere that feels sad and forgotten, like one of these cardboard boxes up the attic containing your once precious childhood memories. I love how this tune builds this feelable scenery with the melodic progression along those genuine captivating seen-it-all vocals.

Having all the time in the world, the track doesn’t rush anything, telling its story in a signature style that leans towards the OOMPH! kind of things to a certain degree. (I know, usually I won’t compare bands, but hey, you gotta see the similarities here, right.) It’s this calm yet energetic way of storytelling that probably attracts me most in ‘Escape The Gravity’. Knowing about its wisdom, it feels like this tune is an old friend, telling you about some secrets of life.

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