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Quick Shots #22: Felin

/ How are you holding up with all those restrictions going on out there?
/ Felin:
It feels like my emotions are on a constant rollercoaster each day. To me playing live is one of the main reasons I got into music and not being able to connect with people in that way right now is so sad. But we just have to keep looking forward, there will be better times ahead even if it doesn’t feel like it now. I’m so sorry for all the people who has lost someone to this pandemic, and/or are struggling with the loss of jobs. My heart goes out to you.

/ What is your source of inspiration? What helps you with songwriting/performing?
/ Felin:
To me it’s important that the lyrics I write is some kind of statement. I often write about social injustices or experiences from my own or my friend’s lives. On my previous album the songs were built like a movie, so if you listened to the album from start to finish it would take you on a journey.
My upcoming album is called ‘Heroes & Villains’, and it’s about the good and evil forces in the world. The songs deal with various injustices or social problems both at a society level and at the individual level. The album includes songs like Vultures which deals with domestic abuse and No More Sweet Home Alabama, which is about having the right to decide over your own body.

/ What does the rest of the year hold for you? Any new projects coming up?
/ Felin:
I’m finishing up my next album, which will be released during next year, and I’m also working on the music video for my next single which will be out in March.
I also got to play bass, synth, dj and sing backup with Agnes for her tv performance for Late Night Concert on Swedish TV4 this week.
Other than that I try to stay home as much as possible and started writing some short novels. I’ve always loved writing but never really had the time before.

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