Second Cockpit – ACO

You know what? Time to go for a walk. Put on your coat, and off we go, courtesy of genre-fusing duo Second Cockpit.

Taken off the EP ‘Dreams Are Fake’, this track really makes feel like walking through several surroundings. The track builds a feelable atmosphere with its piano base, and the expressive playing style it’s done in. Starting defensive and playful, the track goes through several stages, this feels like an evolving process. With those rhythmic elements added over time, ‘ACO’ gets more tension and drive, and with this comes a certain confidence of the sound as well. What felt defensive and shy at first now stands its ground big time. After this stage fully evolved, the track gets mysterious and exciting all of a sudden, as if there were clouds forming at the horizon. Once reaching it’s final stage, the track feels fully matured and developed, with a well-balanced atmosphere that just feels at ease and complete.

As a returning reader, you know that for me it’s important that music tells a story, one way or another. ‘ACO’ does exactly that – without a single word. Closing my eyes, I can see the tune creating my surrounding like an artist paints a picture on canvas. But don’t take my word for it, close your eyes and let this tune unleash its creative energy on you.

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