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I Want Poetry – Chandler

I’m in love with this tune. Seriously. The vulnerable and fragile atmosphere that is build with the piano tracks just blows me away. Seemingly minimal yet ultra-effective soundscaping elements (and no, we’re not talking orchestral strings here but a mixture of extraordinary one-shots along expressive playing styles) build a huge room in which the listener is allowed to feel lost and alone, and while this feels melancholic and almost uncomfortable at first, the track manages to add a certain kind of positivity which creates an outstanding ‘it’s okay’ feel.

What makes ‘Chandler’ so unique for me is its creative way of storytelling that takes the listener by the hand, showing him/her the issue through the eyes of those the world calls ‘too sensitive’. The track shows that being sensitive is not a bad thing at all. The video to the tune is where it gets really artistic. Now, usually I’m not a big fan of expressional art, but look at this. Done in this ultra-slow motion with seemingly minimal movements and expressions, the video follows the same awesome pattern as the song does.

In the end, that’s the essence for me here: Take. Your. Time. Don’t judge too quickly. Just because someone acts or feels different doesn’t make it right to prematurely form a view. And this statement isn’t just meant for your view on others, it’s also meant for self-reflecting. Because in the end, being sensitive isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength.

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