Close-up: Carina T – I Know It’s Over

(written by Carina T)

“‘I know it’s over’ by The Smiths is one of my favourite songs of all time, so I decided to do a version of it. I knew it would be a huge responsibility, but the lyrics are so profound and the melody is so incredibly beautiful and sad, that I felt a strong motivation to cover it. As both versions, the original by The Smiths and the Jeff Buckley’s one are guitar-driven, I felt that it would be nice to have a piano version. Then my team suggested that we add some extra instruments (Glockenspiel & Strings) to provide more emotion and depth.

In regard to the video (spoiler alert!), I thought it was a great opportunity to convey an important message and therefore I wrote a story line with the aim of raising awareness about suicide and showing that support is available to those that are struggling. We thought it would be interesting to have a storyline showing different periods of time which are part of the same story. We covered the time before the suicide happened, showing that warning signs can be subtle and therefore easy to miss; and we also show the aftermath depicting the pain of the survivors after so many years. Despite the tragic story, we try to provide a message of hope through the provision of resources, namely Matt Haig’s book and Samaritans’ work. 

We are fundraising for the Samaritans UK through this song and video and that is very meaningful to me.”

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