Close-up: Brittney Spencer – Sincerely Yours

(written by Brittney Spencer)

“‘Sincerely Yours,’ is meant to be a gigantic love letter to not only my current beau, but to all of my past admirers who are now ghosts of my past. Without them, I wouldn’t have grown into the young woman I am today. Every track on this EP represents a different kind of love. Whether it be the nostalgic feeling of love from the one who got away, to being thankful of past, failed relationships that paved the way for the true love that I’ve gained today. The idea that started this entire process for this EP happens to be the first song that is featured on this project. A friend of mine who is a very talented producer, who goes by the name Sigma Orbis, sent an instrumental to me. I ended up writing a lost love story between two imaginary lovers andBy Tomorrowwas born. I realized that maybe I could add on to this storyline that I was creating about what love felt like to me and the rest is history.

Valentine’s Day happens to be one of my favorite holidays and I thought that this made for a perfect excuse to write a bunch of love songs. I wanted to include a mix of sad ballads along with tracks that make you want to dance. 
One of my favorite tracks that I wrote for this project isLearning to Love. This track tackles some of my insecurities and how they have held me back from chasing my dreams fully. I realized that my insecurities came from me not accepting myself for who I was and upholding the belief that I was unworthy of love. I still struggle with my feelings every day, but it’s therapeutic to be honest about my feelings in my music and with this track I was hoping that I could reach out to those who have felt the same way. I made this track in collaboration with another brilliant friend of mine who produced the last three tracks on the EP named DJ Azraq

Another one of my favorites to dance to is Where You Go. It symbolizes the love that I currently have; a love that is highly sought after, yet scrutinized by those envious of it. It is the kind of love that is rare and the kind of love that most believe is not built to last. Young love they say is not built to last. This track was written as a promise to my lover that I will continue to love him no matter what life throws at as. As of right now, I am sitting here writing this out in my first ever apartment with him and I couldn’t be happier. When you believe that the love you have is real, stick with it even if nobody else believes in you. You know your heart more than anybody.”

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